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CREATIVE TECH HUB CARIBBEAN - where technology amplifies creativity (5) Where Technology Amplifies Creativity A PLATFORM FOR CREATIVE TALENTS TO LEARN, WORK & GROW


We have a fully developed and tested method to educate persons to not just become skilled to work in a digital world, but also to start an own company in technology. 


Our companies offer internships and jobs to the best performers. We also have a large network of businesses on the look out for new personnel. 


With an education from us and work experience in our companies talents are equipped to start their own business or work for larger companies. 

Our companies offer a variety of services

We are constantly updating our portfolio with products and services that our customers require to perform well in a digital world. 

We are doing

Find Your Creative Workforce

Your creative team is just an email away.

Digital Design

Anything you need to promote your products, to grow your brand and position your company: social media posts, banners, flyers, ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, animations etc.

Online promotion

Complete online media promotions: strategies, content creation, webcare and day to day postings. 

Web Development

We build all types websites: informative, ecommerce, webshops, learning portals, databases, mobile apps, and more.

Infrastructure Assessments

Remote working, online conferencing and other new styles of working require a good IT infrastructure. We can help with that.

Connect With Us

We believe in working together towards a well developed digital entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

about us

Creative Tech Hub Caribbean

Creative Tech Hub Caribbean: a cluster of companies with the mission to develop the Creative Technology Ecosystem in the Caribbean.

The cluster collaboratively offers web development, mobile app development, social media services and cloud services to companies in the Caribbean, Europe and USA. The profit from these companies are used to fund the Digital Talents Academy. An Academy designed around the Learn.Work.Grow concept, where youth (13 – 30 years) are educated in Creative Tech Jobs: Animators, Game Developers, Digital Designers, Virtual Assistants etc.
The cluster works from Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad and has a customer base in the Caribbean, Europe and USA.

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Education focussed on Digital Skills
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Internet Marketing Services
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Cloud Systems Services
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Digital Entrepreneurship

Why Creative Tech Hub Caribbean

We believe in creating sustainable impact by focusing on human resource development in this digital era. This will benefit the diversification of the Caribbean Economy.


The creative industry has become an interesting strategic sector to boost competitiveness, productivity, employment and sustainable economic growth.


Cultural and creative industries, which include arts and crafts, advertising, design, entertainment, architecture, books, media


The creative economy is not only one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy, it is also a highly transformative 



There's so much to share and so much more to do. Check back frequently to see what's happening and connect with us.


Companies Involved

Companies currently part of the Creative Tech Hub are: 21Q Caribbean n.v., Digital Talents Academy, Cloud Engine n.v., Spang Makandra n.v. and Creative Talents foundation.